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CBSE - Class 9 - Science - CH8 - Motion (WorkSheet)

Class 9 - Ch8 - Motion
Fill in the blanks

1. If the position of an object does not change with time, it is said to be at _____.

2. Rest and Motion are ___________ (absolute/relative) terms

3. The study of motion without taking into account the cause of motion is called ______ (kinematics/dynamics).

4. An object is said to be at ________ (rest/motion),  if it changes its position with respect to its surroundings in a given time

5. Distance is the length of ______(actual/shortest) path traveled by a body in a given time.

6. Displacement is the ______ (actual/shortest) path covered by a moving object from the initial point of reference in a specified direction.

7. Distance is a _______ (scalar/vector) physical quantity while displacement is a _______ (scalar/vector) physical quantity.

8. When a body moves unequal distances in equal intervals of time, then the body is said to describe ___________ (uniform/non-uniform) motion.

9. In uniform motion, speed of an object is ________ (constant/not constant).

10. SI unit of velocity is _____ (metre per second/ km per hour/ miles per hour).

11. The rate of change of velocity of a moving body with time is called ______.

12. Slope of position-time graph ________ (is zero/may be zero/ cannot be zero)  if the object is at rest.

13. Slope of the distance-time graph gives the _____ (speed/acceleration) of the object.

14. The nature of distance-time graph is a _______ (straight line/curve) having ______ (uniform/varying) slope when the object has non-uniform motion.

15. The slope of the velocity-time graph gives ______ (displacement/acceleration).

16. An object is under free fall. Considering upward as positive direction, the displacement of the object during a short time interval is positive during ______ (ascent/descent) and negative during _____ (ascent/descent).

17. In a uniform circular motion, velocity of a particle is _____ (constant/not constant) but its speed is ______ (constant/not constant).

Ch8 Motion (Q & A )
Ch8 Motion (MCQs)

1. rest.
2. relative
3. kinematics
4. motion
5. actual
6. shortest
7. scalar, vector
8. non-uniform
9. constant
10. metre per second
11. acceleration
12. is zero.
13. speed
14. curve, varying
15. acceleration
16. ascent, descent
17. not constant, constant


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