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CBSE Class 6 - Class 8 - English Grammar - The Conjunction (Worksheet)

The Conjunction (Worksheet)
Class 6/Class7/Class8/Class9/CTET
The Conjunction

Q1: Fill in the blanks with correct Conjunctions from the list given below:

[as soon as,   and,   but,    or,   therefore,   otherwise,    so,    still,    as well as,    since,   (so that)    ]

1. She is noble ____________ kind too.
2. We eat __________ we remain healthy.

3. Raja is poor _____________ he is honest.
4. The sun rose_____________ the fog disappeared.
5.  _________ she saw the tiger, she shouted.

6. Work hard_____________ you will fail.
7. Thomas worked very hard_____________ he didn’t stand first.
8. She must cry ______ she will die.
9. He_____________ his brother is coming.
10. The box was heavy_____________ he could not lift it
11. He has been ill ______ he reached Chennai.

1. and (cumulative conjunction)
2. so that  (purpose, subordinating )
3. but (adversative conjunction, contrast)
4. therefore/so (result, illative conjunction)
5. as soon as (subordinating conjunction, time)
6. otherwise (subordinating conjunction,, cause)
7. still (adversative conjunction, contrast)
8. or (alternative, co-ordinating conjunction)
9. as well as (cumulative conjunction)
10. so  (result, illative conjunction)
11. since (time, subordinating conjunction)

Q2: Fill in the blanks with Co-relative Conjunctions

1. He is  ________ helpful ________ social.
2. ____________ he is fat____________ he was fast.
3. She is____________ weak____________ she cannot walk.
4. He will reach here____________ on Sunday_____________ on Monday.
5. I do not care _______ you finish this task ______ not.
6. ________ had he entered the room, _____ the door bell rang.

1. neither, nor
2. Although, yet
3. so, that
4. either, or
5. whether, or
6. hardly, when

Q3: Combine the following sentences with appropriate conjunctions:

1. Our team played well. They lost the match.
2. You cannot pass. Only if you work hard.
3. The police arrived. The crowd dispersed.
4. Mother is at home. Father is at home.
5. He has fever. He cannot go to school.
6. Sonia is slim. Her sister is equally slim.
7. Ramesh may be in the house. He may be in the garden.

1. Although our team played well yet they lost the match.
2. You cannot pass unless you work hard.
3. The police arrived so the crowd dispersed.
4. Mother as well as father is at home.
5. He has fever so he cannot go to school.
6. Sonia is as slim as her sister.
7. Ramesh is either in the house or in the garden.


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