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CBSE Class 7/8/9/10 - English - Active/Passive Voice

Active/Passive Voice
CBSE Class 7/8/9/10 - English - Active/Passive Voice

(Solution of Exercise from Textbook Grammar Plus 7.) 

Q1: Rewrite these sentences in the passive voice.

1. Rita sings a song.
2. Children love the rainbow.
3. Granny told us an interesting story.
4. Call in the doctor at once.
5. Everyone loved Mother Teresa.
6. The wolf chased the sheep.
7. Sujata drew a village scene.
8. Rakesh made special Kashmiri tea for everyone.
9. Neha's father praised her.
10. People formed a queue on the road.
11. Hanif drank the bitter medicine in one gulp.
12. We elected Balachandran as our team leader.
13. Santa Claus gave toffees to all the children in the shop.
14. Grandfather called up Ayushi to wish her on her birthday.
15. We all know the facts.
16. The people crowned him the king.
17. Suman is reading a book.
18. Your mother taught us Mathematics.
19. The gardener looks after the flowers.


1. A song is sung by Rita.
2. The rainbow is loved by Children.
3. An interesting story was told us by Granny.
4. Doctor is to be called at once.
5. Mother Teresa was loved by everyone.
6. The sheep was chased by the wolf.
7. A village scene was drawn by Sujata.
8. Special Kashmiri tea was made by Rakesh for everyone.
9. Neha was praised by her father.
[Note: The sentence 'She was praised by Neha's father.' may be correct. Because there is ambiguity if 'She' and Neha are same persons or not. ]
10. A queue was formed on the road (by the people).
[Note: 'by the people' is optional.]

11. The bitter medicine was drunk in one gulp by Hanif.
12. Balachandran was elected as our team leader (by us).
13. Toffees were given to all the children in the shop by Santa Claus.
14. Ayushi was called up by her Grandfather to wish her on her birthday.
15. Facts are known to all of us.
16. The king was was crowned.
17. A book is being read by Suman.
18. Mathematics was taught to us by your mother. OR
      We were taught Mathematics by your mother.
19. The flowers are looked after by the gardener.

Q2: Rewrite these sentences in the active voice.

1. You are requested to keep quiet.
2. Amir Khan is known to me.
3. You will be beaten by Neena at Badminton.
4. Mary was followed by a little lamb.
5. Tarun is loved by his mother.
6. The bell was rung by Om Prakash.
7. The dress will be stitched by Rosy in a week.
8. A century was scored by Sachin.
9. I was kept waiting by Maya.
10. The telephone was invented by Graham Bell.
11. Mayank was praised by the teacher.
12. The jester was laughed at by the people.
13. The restaurant was opened by them last year.
14. By whom was King Lear written?
15. The wounded soldier was being helped by an old woman.
16. I am pleased by your performance.
17. I have been invited by Vaibhav to his birthday party.
18. By whom was this dish of butter broken.
19. The child is frightened by thunder and lightning.

1. Please keep quiet.
2. I know Amir Khan.
3. Neena will beat you at Badminton.
4. A little lamb followed Mary.
5. Tarun's mother loves him.
6. Om Prakash rang the bell.
7. Rosy will stich the dress in a week.
8. Sachin scored a century.
9. Maya kept me waiting.
10. Graham Bell invented the telephone.
11. The teacher praised Mayank.
12. The people laughed at the jester.
13. They opened the restaurant last year.
14. Who wrote King Lear?
15. An old woman was helping the wounded soldier.
16. Your performance pleases me.
17. Vaibhav has invited me to his birthday party.
18. Who broke this dish of butter?
19.  Thunder and lightning frighten the child.


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