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CBSE Class 9 - Science - CH5 - The Fundamental Unit Of Life (MCQs)

The Fundamental Unit Of Life 

Q1: Mitochondria are found

(a) in all type of living cells
(b) only in animal cells
(c) only in plant cells
(d) in eukaryote cells only

Q2: Who discovered the first living cell?

(a) Robert Hooke
(b) Leeuwenhoek
(c) Purkinje
(d) Robert Brown

Q3(NCERT Exemplar): Which of the following can be made into crystal?

(a) A bacterium
(b) An Amoeba
(c) A virus
(d) A sperm

Q4: Who used the word ‘protoplasm first time for living cells?

(a) Robert Hooke
(b) Leeuwenhoek
(c) Purkinje
(d) Robert Brown

Q5: The main constituent of cell-wall is:

(a) Starch
(b) cellulose
(c) protein
(d) none of these

Q6: Function of centriole is

(a) formation of spindle fibre
(b) nucleolus formationation
(c) cell wall formation
(d) cell division initiation

Q7: Which organelle is the power house of the cells?
(a) Plastids
(b) Mitochondria
(c) Golgi
(d) Nucleus

Q8: Chromosomes are made up of nucleic acid and _________

(a) Phosphorus
(b) Protein
(c) Sugar
(d) Calcium

Q9: Which organelle is considered as a suicide bag?
(a) Centrosome
(b) Mesosomes
(c) Lysosomes
(d) Chromosome

Q10: Plastids which are responsible for giving colors to fruits and flowers are

(a) chloroplasts
(b) leucoplasts
(c) protoplasts
(d) chromoplasts

Q11: Which of the following organelle is present onion cells but not in human cheek cells?

(a) cell wall
(b) cytoplasm
(c) nucleus
(d) plasma membrane

Q12(NCERT): Which cell organelle plays a crucial role in detoxifying many poisons and drugs?

(a) Golgi Apparatus
(b) Lysosomes
(c) Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
(d) Vacuoles

1: (d) in eukaryote cells only 
2: (b) Leeuwenhoek
3: (c) A virus
4: (c) Purkinje
5: (b) cellulose
6: (a) formation of spindle fibre
7: (b) Mitochondria
8: (b) Protein
9: (c) Lysosomes 
10: (d) chromoplasts
11: (a) cell wall
12: (c) Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum


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  3. Answer to Q-6 is d) Cell division initiation

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  6. answer to 3rd question is not virus, it is sperm, it can be stored at -196.c in crystal form