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CBSE Class 8 - Science - Ch5 - Coal and Petroleum (MCQs)

Coal and Petroleum

CBSE Class 8 - Science - Ch5 - Coal and Petroleum (MCQs)

Q1: The resources present unlimited quantity in nature and can be used over and over again are known as _________

(a) Gases
(b) Fuels
(c) Renewable Resources
(d) Energy

Q2: LPG stands for?

(a) Liquefied Petroleum Gas
(b) Liquid Petroleum Gas
(c) Liquefied Petro Gas
(d) Liquefied Petrochemical Gas

Q3: Petroleum and coal are ...

(a) Gases
(b) Metals
(c) Energy
(d) Fossil fuels

Q4: Which of the following is not a petroleum product?

(a) Gas
(b) Petrol
(c) Diesel
(d) Coal

Q5: Vaseline is made from?

(a) Paraffin wax
(b) Diesel
(c) Kerosene
(d) Petrol

Q6: Petroleum is also known as?

(a) Liquid Treasure
(b) Liquid Platinum
(c) Black Gold
(d) Black Magic

Q7: What is used for surfacing of roads?

(a) Paraffin wax
(b) Coke
(c) Lubricants
(d) Bitumen

Q8 Which of the following place has a network of pipelines which supply CNG?

(a) Kanpur
(b) Jhansi
(c) Vadodara
(d) Bhopal

Q9: What is the full form of PCRA?

(a) Petroleum Conservation Research Association
(b) Petroleum Consumption Research Association
(c) Petroleum Conservation Resource Association
(d) Petrochemical Consumption Research Association

Q10: Hydrogen gas is obtained from ...

(a) Petroleum
(b) Coal
(c) Coke
(d) Natural Gas


1: (c) Renewable Resources
2: (a) Liquefied Petroleum Gas
3: (d) Fossil fuels
4: (d) Coal
5: (a) Paraffin wax
6: (c) Black Gold
7: (d) Bitumen
8: (c) Vadodara
9: (a) Petroleum Conservation Research Association
10: (d) Natural Gas


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